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What You Need to Know About Car Shipping in California

Car Shipping

Car shipping should be an integral component of your move to California, which boasts some of the country’s largest cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.

Transporting a vehicle from or to California depends on various factors, including its type and its pickup/delivery locations. Prices also increase during peak seasons.


If you need to transport a car from or to California, finding an affordable carrier that offers competitive rates is paramount. There are multiple companies operating within California with offices offering seasonal discounts. 

California car shipping prices depend on several factors, including size and type of vehicle being transported, transport method used and time of year. Prices tend to be more cost-effective during fall and spring; this is because the summer is the time of peak demand. If you are able to plan around this fact, you may be able to find substantial savings when booking this service.

Shipping your car in California can be challenging due to its vast terrain and high fuel costs, but professional car transport companies can save both time and money by handling all the details for you. They will ship it quickly and safely right to your doorstep. To receive a quick quote online simply enter basic vehicle information into an online quote generator tool.

Cost of shipping a car in California varies based on pickup and destination locations, vehicle type and distance traveled. Typically, longer distances increase costs; however some transport companies offer discounts for repeat business.

Open carrier transport is typically the most affordable method for California car shipping, which involves transporting your car alongside other vehicles on a multi-car trailer.


Be wary of California car shipping companies advertising prices below the market rate – this may indicate hidden fees or scams. This is why it is important to be wary of deals that appear too good to be true. With so many companies offering auto transport in California services, you should have no difficulty identifying one that meets both your needs and budget. Be sure to comparison shop for best results.

If you are concerned with convenience, you will want to make sure you choose a door-to-door car shipping service over one that shuttles vehicles between terminals as this provides more convenience and safety. 

When selecting one company among several quotes it is recommended to compare customer service representatives before choosing. Furthermore, allow extra time as delays could arise during transport.

Rest easy knowing your vehicle will arrive promptly in top condition; just plan ahead for its transport! For optimal results, allow extra time when making arrangements for shipment arrangements. You can visit this helpful site for current California weather conditions.


No matter why or for how long we move to California, finding affordable and reliable car shipping services is of utmost importance. 

Reputable auto transport companies will make every effort to safely deliver your vehicle. You can do your part by properly preparing your vehicle.

Your first step is to clean your vehicle to remove dirt and debris that could scratch or mark its finish during transport. Take photographs of both its interior and exterior before shipping, to document any preexisting damage; this will protect you if damage does occur and make an insurance claim easier to file.

Remove extra items before shipping your vehicle. This includes removing any after-market parts or accessories such as spoilers, removable stereo and GPS systems, and luggage and bicycle racks to prevent them from getting misplaced during transport. You can click the link: https://www.gps.gov/systems/gps/ to learn more about GPS.

For optimal vehicle performance during transport, ensure that the tires are appropriately inflated by consulting your car owner’s manual for recommended tire pressure settings and noting it in its documentation.

If you plan to drive your vehicle after transport, it is advisable to fill only up your tank to 1/4 capacity – this will save weight while making loading/unloading simpler for both driver and passengers.

Once you have completed these steps, you’re ready to ship your vehicle. Before commencing transport, the transporters will inspect it and note any pre-existing damage before creating a bill of lading that lists make, model, and VIN information; additionally it lists contact details for both shipper and receiver. 

It’s preferable for you to be present during this inspection and the delivery of your car – however if this is impossible you may authorize someone else to do it on your behalf.


When shipping a car from California, it is crucial that it be properly prepared. Make sure all fluids in the vehicle are checked, any valuables removed from it and any potential damages documented before transport. Doing this will save time and money should issues arise during transport.

Consider response rate when selecting a California car shipping company. Reliable companies assign each shipment a dedicated agent so you can contact them directly for updates on your shipment, eliminating the need to go through multiple people to access information regarding it.

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